We care that it gets there – the right way, each and every time!

THE CHALLENGE:  No one carrier service, not even a “one-stop shop,” can provide you with everything you need. There really has been no genuine one-stop shop, and combined with the ongoing critical driver shortage, the lack of logistic resources, the failure of transportation providers to utilize available technology for tracking and billing, and the pressure  of prioritizing high-volume clients, these issues have led to carriers neglecting the needs of the floral/perishable industry –

Until now!

THE SOLUTION:  There is a better way!  The time has come when a collaborative Network is needed in order to move America’s refrigerated floral/perishables forward efficiently. The core principles behind this revolutionary Network approach require the careful selection of a dependable team of top industry professional drivers, the deployment of state-of-the-art technology for tracking, tracing, accounting and billing, implementing individually customized, consolidated  delivery solutions and demonstrating consistently a commitment to fulfilling the needs of every shipping client.


What is the Goldstar Logistics Network difference?


Goldstar is a Network of relationships with floral growers, their representatives, wholesalers and retailers. 

By our unparalleled access to the industry’s  top drivers. 

We offer floral/perishable shippers and  recipients the use of  multiple hubs –regional warehousing and logistic centers – throughout the State of Florida. 

Our team of experts in their respective logistic management fields will ensure that your floral inventory doesn’t sit idle at any time during the carefully temperature-controlled delivery process. 

Through our proprietary state-of-the- art electronic system of tracking, tracing and billing, we are in constant communication with our regional resources. 

Your shipment will move to its destination  seamlessly, while you are able to see in  real time when it will arrive. 

Why do we do it so much better?Because we care!


Our mission is simple:  to permit your vision of your own individualized, ideal model of floral/perishable last-mile delivery to be set literally into motion. 

Our journey together begins with a consultation. Once we have a full understanding of your business’ experience and needs, we will integrate flawlessly our state-of-the-art B2B commercial last-mile delivery technology with your specific requirements. 

We customize the uniquely designed delivery program that best fits your operation without interrupting the flow of your business. 

In addition to regularly scheduled delivery routes, we offer personalized Concierge Courier Service, ranging from overnight to same-day, and even immediate, rush delivery, within the State of Florida. 

A personal account manager will be assigned to your account.

Allow us the opportunity to make your personal transportation vision a reality.


Our commitment to going “the extra mile” for you begins from the moment we meet. 

You can count on us to knock on your door, shake your hand and embrace the journey of a productive, engaging working relationship.


We will be there with you every mile of the way, from our initial consultation to our  fulfillment of your shipping plan objectives.


Creating and executing strategies to manage your shipping operation so your business can enjoy its optimal level of productivity is what we do best. 

We will take the ample time necessary to analyze your current shipping process.


This will permit us to enhance and improve your current program, by integrating into it our unique resources:  state-of-the-art technology, an advanced communication system,  top quality equipment, and the best drivers in the business.

We are accessible by telephone 24 hours a day, so you can focus on what you really love: growing your business.



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