WELCOME TO:  the GOLDSTAR LOGISTICS NETWORK Difference! We care that it gets there – the right way, each and every time!

THE CHALLENGE:  No one delivery service, not even a “one-stop shop,” can provide you with everything you need. There really has been no genuine one-stop shop, and combined with the ongoing critical driver shortage, the lack of logistic resources, the failure of transportation providers to utilize available technology for tracking and billing, and the pressure  of prioritizing high-volume clients, these issues have led to carriers neglecting the needs of the floral/perishable industry – until now.

THE SOLUTION:  There is a better way!  The time has come when a collaborative Network is needed in order to move America’s refrigerated floral/perishables forward efficiently. The core principles behind this revolutionary Network approach require the careful selection of a dependable team of top industry professional drivers, the deployment of state-of-the-art technology for tracking, tracing, accounting and billing, implementing individually customized, consolidated  delivery solutions and demonstrating consistently a commitment to fulfilling the needs of every shipping client.

Our Hub-to-Door Delivery Services Network is a groundbreaking last-mile delivery consulting and management program. Partner with our new paradigm, a revolutionary system to make your life easier, your business more profitable and your costumers happier. The Goldstar Logistics Network of delivery resources encompasses trucking professionals and refrigerated warehousing, combined with temperature controlled cooling systems, order preparation, and consolidation of shipments, all managed with today’s current state-of-the- art information technology to ensure proper inventory ordering, scanning/labeling, track and trace as well as shipping, in all-in-one management platform system. We focus on cutting-edge technology- Because we care how it gets there!



Our innovative system simplifies the last-mile delivery to your door, for the floral industry’s commercial growers, wholesalers, and retailers. This translates to a more efficient, cost effective and productive hub-to-door, completely customized delivery service network. The difference is our constant commitment to communication. The more familiar we become with your vision, needs and plans, the better we can pinpoint the intricacies of the ways in which we can improve the quality of your business life, and that of your customers. Working proactively provides cost savings for your company, which can then be appreciated at the end of each tax season.

We bring a sense of calm and simplicity to the shipping and logistics industry. 

In a time when there’s a complex and expanding maze of options, allow us to reach out to you with sound advice, practical solutions, and a clear, common sense approach to fulfilling your shipping and delivery needs. Our network team of top industry professionals with decades of combined experience stands ready to serve you, to deliver a well designed and meticulously planned delivery to-the-door.


                   * Stat 6 Hour
                   * Same Day
                   * Next Day
                   * After Hours


               * B2B Route Service
              * B2C Route Service
              * Customized Routes
              * Unscheduled Extras    


                * Air Freight
                * Sea Freight
                * Truck PTL Freight
                * Truck LTL Freight


             * Warehousing
             * Consolidation
             * Pick-Up & Storage
             * Track & Trace

Lets talk today at (305)-423-8989 for Goldstar Logistics Network’s Last Mile Delivery and Management Services.

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