Our delivery professionals are selected with care,  and trained in the use of our proprietary track and trace and invoicing software, to insure that your packages receive the highest level of care along every step of the delivery process, and to permit you to manage your money and time effectively!

Only the elite professionals within the industry  have been selected to be part of the Goldstar network. Without the proper credentials, qualifications and training, they are not accepted into the network: because we care how it gets there.

Before enrolling any new logistic transportation team member or network Member client,  we initiate the process by requesting from our prospective Member its most current shipping documentation history. In reviewing with them their current shipping process, we can assess any problems.

We provide track and trace and electronic invoicing services on every delivery option,  so that shippers and receivers are able to know, on an ongoing basis and by using their own electronic devices, when their packages will be delivered. We can then prepare a comprehensive shipping solution proposal package that truly can empower our network Member clients with the vision to embrace our Network logistic plan approach, as we will have implemented a more cost effective last-mile transportation program that will provide savings to you, our Member, for years to come!


Our Hub-to-Door Delivery Services Network:  is a groundbreaking last-mile delivery consulting and management program. Partner with our new paradigm, a revolutionary system to make your life easier, your business more profitable and your customers happier.  The Goldstar Logistics Network of delivery resources encompasses  trucking professionals and refrigerated warehousing, combined with state of the art pre-cooling systems, order preparation, and consolidation of shipments, all managed with today’s  current state of the art information technology to  ensure proper inventory ordering, scanning/labeling, track and trace   as well as shipping, in an all-in-one (CRM) Computer management platform system.

Our innovative system simplifies the last-mile delivery:  to your door, for the floral industry’s commercial growers, wholesalers, and retailers.  This translates to a more efficient, cost  effective and productive  hub-to-door, completely customized delivery service network. The difference is our constant commitment to communication.  The more  familiar we become with  your vision, needs and plans, the better we can pinpoint the intricacies of the ways in which we can improve the quality of your business life, and that of your customers. Working proactively provides savings for you, which can then be shared.                                                                                 


State of Florida Last-mile and White Glove

Goldstar benefits

• Floral consolidated pickup and delivery from Hub-to-door service

• Floral Industry standard idea time set temperature controlled

• Dispatch and Driver (GPS) communication throughout deliveries

• Member/Shipper’s access to Track and Trace packages location

• Member/Shipper next day (EFT) electronic deposit service

We bring a sense of calm and simplicity to the shipping and logistics industry:  In a time when there’s a complex and expanding maze of options, allow us to reach out to you with sound advice, practical solutions, and a clear, common sense approach to fulfilling your shipping and delivery needs. Our network team of top industry professionals with decades of combined experience stands ready to serve you, to  deliver a well designed and  meticulously planned delivery to-the-door consistently, with integrity and  passion, every mile of the way.                                                             

BECAUSE WE CARE:  . . .We have brought together the required resources., We’ll make sure they’re expended on your  behalf. and We will work with you to design your right shipping solution.

Goldstar Logistics Network represents a new, groundbreaking concept in last-mile delivery planning for refrigerated floral/perishables.  We are a Network  shippers that encompasses floral growers and their representatives, wholesalers and retailers who ship and receive floral perishables, along with professional last-mile delivery providers, in order to  establish a revolutionary, integrated program of consolidated last-mile delivery that  offers customized wholesale and retail routes to its Members, and introduces to them an elite system of  Concierge  Courier Delivery by which refrigerated floral/perishables can be delivered on an overnight, same day, or even a six-hour basis within our service area in Florida.

Goldstar Logistics Network’s Last-Mile Delivery and Management Services.

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