Why Goldstar Logistics Network?

Our commitment to going “the extra mile” for you begins from the moment we meet. You can count on us to knock on your door, shake your hand and embrace the journey of a productive, engaging working relationship. We will be with you every mile of the way, from our initial consultation to our fulfillment of your shipping plan objectives.

We are accessible to you, in person and by telephone with your personal account manager, at any time. Our phones are answered 24 hours a day. We will take care of receiving and processing your orders, so now you can focus on what you really love: growing your business!

Our Company’s transportation management network is called Goldstar Logistics Network for a very good reason.

Our first name is Goldstar, a traditional symbol of excellence, that is at the core of our business plan philosophy, whereas we are dedicated to constant persist of excellence in the transportation last mile delivery transportation industry.

Our middle name is Logistics for our constant because commitment to the art of a comprehensively strategic detailed logistic planned approach by simultaneously bring together an effective last mile to hub to door delivery service program that offers a well thought-out logistic plan to deliver the power of an effective logistic floral transportation program. 

Finally, our last name is Network, because our mission is to constantly strive constantly to manage a proficient transportation management network that simultaneously integrates with a cooperative elite team of transportation professionals dedicated with numerous combined years of excellent experience in business, marketing and transportation logistics management.

We Do It Better Because we care!


What is the Goldstar Logistics Network Difference?

We are Goldstar Logistic Network have created a unique logistic transportation management platform that offers an innovative turn-key floral logistics delivery solution and when all of this integrate pieces are combined with today’s state of the art of (GPS) global positing satellite, integrated with track and trace technology to bring a flawless billing and accounting system that simplifies the last mile to door delivery experience for our shipping member network clients.

At Goldstar Logistics Network, we first start our  relationship with our prospective shipping member by conducting a complimentary business assessment with every business owner and together.

We take a consultative approach to identify does immediate shipping problems and layout a comprehensive strategic shipping plan approach that will deliver our network member client the best Goldstar Logistics Network satisfactory shipping solution experience into the future.

Finally, we then proceed to request from our member clients the most current shipping documentation history that allows us the proper information to prepare a comprehensive shipping solution proposal that truly can empowers our network member clients with the foresight logistic plan approach to envision implementing a more cost effective shipping transportation cost saving program for years to come.  

Lets Talk (305) 423-8989. We are ready to serve you every mile of the way!


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